My primary research interest is Riemann Hypothesis.

Journal publications:

17. Real moments of the logarithmic derivative of characteristic polynomials in random matrix ensembles, submitted.

16. On the logarithmic derivative of characteristic polynomials for random unitary matrices, submitted.

15. Mean values of the logarithmic derivative of the Riemann zeta-function near the critical line  pdf.  Mathematika.

14. Critical points of polynomials with roots on the unit circle  (with S. M. Gonek), submitted.

13. A combinatorial identity and the finite dual of infinite dihedral group algebra  (with G. Liu)  pdf.  Mathematika.

12. Solution to the index conjecture in zero-sum theory  pdf.  J. Combin. Theory Ser. A.

11. The mean square discrepancy in the divisor problem  (with S. M. Gonek)  pdf.  Trans. Amer. Math. Soc.

10. Note on the number of zeros of zeta^(k)(s)  (with A. Suriajaya)  pdf.  Ramanujan J.

9. The number of zeros of L’(s,χ)  pdf.  Acta Arith. 

8. Some multidimensional integrals in number theory and connections with the Painleve V equation  (with E. Basor and M.O. Rubinstein)  pdf.  J. Math. Phys.

7. On the index conjecture in zero-sum theory: singular case  pdf.  Int. J. Number Theory

6. The distribution of zeros of ζ'(s) and gaps between zeros of ζ(s)  pdf.  Adv. Math. 

5. The number of zeros of ζ'(s)  pdf.  Int. Math. Res. Not. IMRN 

4. On a permutation problem for finite abelian groups  (with Z-W. Sun)  pdf.  Electron. J. Combin.

3. Conditional estimates on small distances between ordinates of zeros of ζ(s) and ζ'(s)  pdf.  J. Number Theory

2. Note on the index conjecture in zero-sum theory and its connection to a Dedekind-type sum  pdf.  J. Number Theory 

1. On some universal sums of generalized polygonal numbers  (with Z-W. Sun)  pdf.  Colloq. Math.