I am not teaching in Winter 2019.

If you are a student at Waterloo and want to talk to me about your math study, you are welcome to email me and make an appointment.

Email: fan.ge@uwaterloo.ca

Office: MC 6457


I taught Math 135 in Fall 2018. The official website is LEARN. The course material consists of four parts:

  • Language and proof methods. Including: basic logic, quantifiers, basic set theory, mathematical induction, proof by contradiction, etc.
  • Elementary number theory. Including: divisibility of integers, greatest common divisor, Diophantine equations, congruence, Fermat’s little Theorem, Chinese Remainder Theorem, and RSA.
  • Complex numbers. Including: conjugates and modulus, polar coordinates, De Moivre’s theorem, complex n-th roots, etc.
  • Polynomials. Including: Fundamental Theorem of Algebra, Gauss’s lemma on rational roots, etc.